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Forewarned is Forearmed

Burglary is on the increase in our area according to figures obtained by ITV news.

“We are continuing to experience rises in some categories of acquisitive crime such as burglary, which clearly is a priority for us as well as concentrations of shoplifting ..."


As experienced locksmiths, our advice to protect your home and family can come down to something as simple as upgrading your door and window locks. North Yorkshire police have established the majority of Euro style cylinder locks normally found on uPVC standard locking systems, are vulnerable to being snapped by brute force and entry at this point can be made very easily, just search Euro cylinder locks vulnerability on the internet.

A simple lock upgrade can protect your home, valuables and loved ones from the distress caused by burglary. For the small outlay it takes to change these vulnerable locks, you will gain the peace of mind that your security is enhanced and far less likely to suffer at the hands of burglary.

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With burglaries on the increase in our area, it pays to be proactive. Don’t be another statistic. As locksmiths, we see the consequences of poor lock security every day and you have the power to prevent it, protect your home now with expert advice and call North East Locksmiths.

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