Safe repair

Professional safe repairs 0191 388 9999



Safe unlocking from the experts at North East Locksmiths

Do you own a locked safe that needs opening? Our trusted locksmiths will be able to help and restore entry into your locked safe. 

Whether it’s a key or a combination, we have many years of experience in unlocking safes. In the past we’ve come across broken keys, forgotten combinations, keys that won’t turn in the lock and bolts that don’t throw when the safe is locked. 

In all these cases our experts have been able to restore entry to the owner’s valuables. If you need a safe unlocking, repaired or opened just give our experts a call today.

Safe servicing

To keep your safe in perfect working condition, we are also able to offer safe servicing at competitive rates. All manufacturers catered for including Dudley and Hamilton safes.

When you need to gain access to a safe or in need of a safe repair,
call North East Locksmiths for services in Washington, Newcastle and beyond on 0191 388 9999 or 07846 280123

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